4th Block Fall-S1 Assignments

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Save A Species Project in Google Classroom

Save A Species Project

You are a scientist working to save a species that is threatened by climate change. You will choose one of the following species to create a Google Slides Proposal on. Everyone will have a different animal. The World Endangered Species Panel (made up of your classmates and teacher), will be reviewing the proposals, so do your best! 

In class, you will choose an animal from the provided list of Critically Endangered Animals.


Bird Beak Adaptations Lab in Google Classroom

Bird Beak Adaptations Lab

Read the instructions. 
Gather whatever materials you have on hand (doesn't have to be the exact things pictured)
Answer the questions at the bottom and submit to me.


Peppered Moths Lab in Google Classroom

Peppered Moths Lab

Read the instructions to complete this interactive lab. Answer the questions at the bottom of the page and then submit when you are done.