2nd Block, 2nd Skinny Honors Geometry-FY Assignments

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Unit #2 Test #2 REVIEW in Google Classroom

Unit #2 Test #2 REVIEW


Writing Equations of Lines Practice in Google Classroom

Writing Equations of Lines Practice


Angle Addition Postulate in Google Classroom

Angle Addition Postulate


Online Vocabulary Graphic Organizers in Google Classroom

Online Vocabulary Graphic Organizers

Complete the attached online graphic organizers using an online math dictionary (linked in the document).

1) For each word, first anticipate/predict the meaning by completing the red box (Prediction/Prior Knowledge). Do this for each word in the slide show FIRST.
2) Next, use your notes, prior knowledge or an online dictionary to provide a GEOMETRIC MEANING for each word and key characteristics. A characteristic is NOT a definition. It is an attribute of the word.
3) Lastly, describe an example of the word or find a good picture to copy paste. To copy a picture using a Chromebook, simultaneously press shift + control + F4.
4) Complete each slide for each word and submit via GC. This assignment is due by end of day Friday. I will check 4th block on Friday, 8/13.
***This assignment is work 36 points...4 boxes per word x 9 words = 36 points.***


First Day of School Ticket Out the Door in Google Classroom

First Day of School Ticket Out the Door

Complete attached.