Rivera Period3-Brit. Lit.-S1 Assignments

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Final Project in Google Classroom

Final Project

See attached directions.


Independent Reading Log in Google Classroom

Independent Reading Log

This week, you are to choose a book and read it independently each day in class. Complete the reading log each day and turn in here.

Past Assignments


In Class Writing Pride and Prejudice in Google Classroom

In Class Writing Pride and Prejudice

Follow directions on hand out below.
Turn in Google Doc here.


Social Justice/Commentary Poetry in Google Classroom

Social Justice/Commentary Poetry

I am learning about poetry with the purpose of social justice/commentary.
I can read poetry for meaning and commentary on society.I can explain my insights to the class.I can determine themes of poems that are similar.I can compare and contrast social commentary poetry from different generations.I can create a visual of a social commentary poem and explain the text to class.

1. Find a poem about a social issue.
2. The poem must be of significant length (at least 20-25 lines)
3. Have the poem approved by Ms. Pressel.

4. Complete the poetry analysis worksheet
5. Create a beautiful, eye-catching poster with the following information:
a. The text of the poem
b. Information about the author
c. Time period written and any historical information that affects meaning
d. Who is the speaker?
f. List 1 literary device and explain: simile, personification, metaphor, etc.
g. What is the purpose of the poem? What is the mood that the author creates?
h. What is the overall theme of the poem?
i. What is your favorite line and why.
Must have a visual

Must present to class


Create an

Create an "Honest Poem"*

I am learning about meaning and purpose in poetry.
I can create a poem using "My Honest Poem" as a guide.

1. Review "My Honest Poem"
2. Look at the second page of the attached copy of the poem for an outline.
3. Use this outline to create your "Honest Poem."
4. type the poem into a Google Doc and turn in here.
5. The example I completed about myself is attached.
6. Extra credit if you perform your poem in front of the class.


Completed Short Story Notebook in Google Classroom

Completed Short Story Notebook

Post your completed short story notebook here.


"The Story of an Hour"

Learning Targets
I am learning about….
I am learning about the impact of diction in a text.
I am learning about theme and the elements that help to develop theme.

Success Criteria
I can….
I can define diction.
I can explain the difference between connotation and denotation.
I can define tone.
I can explain how diction affects tone and meaning.
I can find the theme in a text.
I can explain how the theme is developed over the course of the text.
I can explain how a theme is universal.

1. Revisit the story from yesterday (in link below)
2. Answer the attached questions about the story and turn in.
3. Complete the diction and purpose worksheet and turn in.
4. Complete the attached text analysis writing assignment and turn in.


Conflict and Point of View--

Conflict and Point of View--"The Stolen Party"*

1. Watch the videos on types of conflict and point of view.
2. Complete the conflict and point (light blue) slides in your Short Story Digital Notebook.
3. Read/Listen to "The Stolen Party"
4. Summarize the story on the last light blue slide in your digital notebook. 
5. Complete the attached questions for "The Stolen Party" and turn in here.
6. Open the attached "Stolen Party Writing" and read the prompt and things to think about. Look at the suggested outline. On the 3rd page of the document type your one paragraph response to the prompt. Whether you use the provided outline or create one of your own, the response must be at least 8 sentences in length. Turn in your response here.


Setting and Characterization--

Setting and Characterization--"Ruthless"

Learning Targets
I am learning about….
I am learning about the author’s use of direct and indirect characterization
I am learning about setting and its effect on mood.

Success Criteria
I can….
I can explain the author’s use of characterization and the inferences made by the reader
I can complete sentence stems for characterization
I can explain how the setting affects the mood of the story

1. Read the short story "Ruthless" (see link below)
2. Complete the study questions as you read and turn in here.
3. Complete the activities for "Ruthless" and turn in here.
4. finish the green slides in your digital notebook


Short Story Unit-Irony* in Google Classroom

Short Story Unit-Irony*

Learning Target: I am learning about citing evidence of irony from text and explaining its effect in the story.
I can:
Identify types of irony: situational, dramatic, verbal
Identify irony in stories and explain the irony type
Closely read story and underline examples of irony in margin
Answer questions about the plot and irony of the story
Summarize the story
Identify the overarching situational irony of the story

1. Discuss types of irony and Watch the video "Learning Irony Types Using Movie Clips."
2. Complete irony slides (gray slides) of the short story notebook using the information provided in the video.
3. Complete the attached irony worksheet and turn in.
4. Complete vocabulary slide


"Masque of the Red Death" Writing Assignment and Irony Quiz


Learning Targets
I am learning about….
I am learning about including quotations in my writing
I am learning that symbolism may be viewed differently by each reader

Success Criteria
I can….
I can read and understand 2 author’s views of symbolism in The Masque of the Red Death.
I can write at least one paragraph that states my opinion and cites evidence from the text to support my opinion.
I can incorporate at least one quotation from the story into my writing

1. Review integrating quotes into writing
2. Look over and discuss the symbolism handout for Seven Ages of Man and Seven Deadly Sins
3. Students use information from the handout to complete the attached writing assignment based on symbolism in Masque of the Red Death
4. Students also complete the irony quiz and turn in


Completed Digital Capstone Journal & Social Media and Email for Professional Use in Google Classroom

Completed Digital Capstone Journal & Social Media and Email for Professional Use

Learning Target: I am learning about the professional use of social media and email.
Success Criteria: I can analyze emails for professionalism. I can write a professional email. I can create a workplace social media policy.

1.Open your digital journal from your Google drive
2. Use the link to social media policies below to complete the Workplace Social Media Policy slides in your digital journal.
2. View the attached em@il presentation
3. Complete the email scenario slides (Slides 13-18) in your Digital Capstone Journal.
4. Turn in your COMPLETED Digital Capstone Journal here.


Cover Letter/Letter of Introduction in Google Classroom

Cover Letter/Letter of Introduction

Learning Target:
I can use technology to produce, publish, and personalize a letter of introduction that can be utilized for procuring a job in my field of interest, express interest in military recruitment, OR applying to a university or technical college.

Success Criteria:
I will know that I have succeeded if my letter:
describes my personal characteristics and strengths
highlights my high school accomplishments
describes my work philosophy, future goals, and relevant achievements, and specific skill sets (including soft skills)

1. Visit the attached link with example cover letters.
2. After reviewing several types of cover letters, create a letter of introduction that can be used for:
(choose one)
-procuring a job in your area of interest
-express interest in military recruitment
-applying to a university or technical college

The letter should be in the form of one shown in the link and typed into a Google Doc.
This will count as a quiz grade, so please be mindful of spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


Career Presentation in Google Classroom

Career Presentation

Learning Target:
I can create a Google Slide presentation that clearly demonstrates my post-graduation educational plan and career path.

Success Criteria:
I will know that I have succeeded if:
I can clearly articulate, in my presentation, my educational goals, a plan for achieving my goals, and my primary career choice.


Create a Google Slides presentation and turn in here. The link below should be of assistance. Your presentation must be at least 10 slides and include the following information:
Title Slide
Career Choice
Education needed...including any certifications or licenses.
Salary and job outlook information
What this career does on a daily basis
Why you chose this career
Works Cited in MLA format (use citation machine or something similar)

I know the list is only seven things....use your imagination for the additional slides.

Be sure to include pictures...I don't want to be bored grading these, plus you are going to share them with the class :)

Turn in your presentation here.


High School Resume in Google Classroom

High School Resume

Learning Target:
I can use technology to produce, publish, and update my high school resume.

Success Criteria:
I will know that I have succeeded if:
I create a high school resume that states a clear objective and highlights my work experience (volunteer or job), my skills (including soft skills), and relevant achievements.


1. Look at the link High School Resume Tips and Examples
2. Look at the Writing a Resume pdf, and note the action verbs section.
3. Next, use the attached template to create your own resume. Be sure to include action verbs from the list to describe your experiences. Remember, you can include work experience AND volunteer experience. For the skills section, think back to the article we read for Journal 5. Be sure to include your achievements even if you don't think they were a big deal. Turn in the resume here.
4. If you already have a completed resume in a different format, that is fine...just upload it here.


Completed Digital Notebook Due in Google Classroom

Completed Digital Notebook Due

1. Make sure your notebook is complete and turn in here.


Chapter 10 Quiz in Google Classroom

Chapter 10 Quiz

Take quiz over Chapter 10 and work on completing digital notebook.