1788 School Store-Fall 2021 Assignments

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Round Table Planogram in Google Classroom

Round Table Planogram

Design and Post Here


ROI Coke in Google Classroom

ROI Coke

Summarize your results and your findings here. 


Taste Test Results in Google Classroom

Taste Test Results

Summarize the Findings and Your Conclusion Here


Inventory of Clothing in Google Classroom

Inventory of Clothing

Locate the Inventory Check Off Sheet for Non Food Items. Please remove items from the product book that we no longer are selling and then remove them from the inventory sheet.


Back to School Vouchers for Teachers in Google Classroom

Back to School Vouchers for Teachers

Create and Distribute the $5 coupon for all teachers.
Create and Distribute a $20 coupon for all NEW teachers. See ARob for a list of New Teachers


ROI Calculations for Sam's Drink Products in Google Classroom

ROI Calculations for Sam's Drink Products

See me for further instructions.


ROI Worksheet - Due Friday  in Google Classroom

ROI Worksheet - Due Friday

Complete the attached document and turn in before Friday.

Monday - Column 1 - Research and complete the column for the cost of goods sold for each food item we sell in the school store.
Tuesday - Column 2 - How much is the tax for this item? (Join me via meet for help)
Tuesday - Column 3 - How much is the total cost?
Tuesday - Column 4 - What is the retail value of the product?


Food Product Book Update in Google Classroom

Food Product Book Update

Update Product Book any food items that we have in the store from Sams. Research all the COGS and put on a Google Doc in order of the inventory sheet. 


Promotional Video in Google Classroom

Promotional Video

We will create a promotional video (that looks like the example below) with edits and have it ready to play on the news on or before August 19th.



GROUP SCHEDULE in Google Classroom


Familiarize yourself with our schedule. Please arrive 5 minutes BEFORE your cash management shift starts so our customers don't wait! Mark this topic as complete, so I know you read this.