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Resume Template in Google Classroom

Resume Template


Promotional Mix for Cereal Project Here in Google Classroom

Promotional Mix for Cereal Project Here

There should be at least 3 individual items, posted with a Google doc explaining each attached.


The Cereal Project in Google Classroom

The Cereal Project

This is an individual project. Should you need a printed copy, feel free to print it out.

Cereal Project Rubric - Each Item is Worth 10 points
  _____ Name of Cereal is appealing and is available for use.
 _____ Target Market is segmented by demographics, geographics, psychographics, and behavorial choices.
_____ Customer Profile is included.
____ Product features are listed and designed to meet the needs/wants of customers.
_____ Slogan and logo are creative and original.
 _____ Packaging design is innovative, original, and meets the needs of customers.
 _____ Promotional Mix includes various media and should reach target market.

Price is reflective of market research and branding strategy.

Power Point is creative and proofed for grammatical/spelling mistakes.

Cereal Box is created and used as a visual aid during the presentation.


Logo and Slogans in Google Classroom

Logo and Slogans

Read document for instructions.


7 Functions Matching assignment. in Google Classroom

7 Functions Matching assignment.

Print out this sheet and cut in half with a neighbor. Complete and turn in to the tray.


The Truth About Mark-Ups in Google Classroom

The Truth About Mark-Ups

Click the link below to read the articles on mark-ups. Type a one-page summary on your thoughts after reading the articles. Cite specific examples that influenced your thoughts and feelings.

Peer-to-Peer Assistance: After writing your first summary, read it to your neighbor. Neighbors should make sure that summaries are complete and include specific examples from the text.

Article One: 37 Products With Crazy-High Markups: http://www.businessinsider.com/products-high-markups-2014-7

Article Two: The Nine Everyday Products with the Biggest Markups http://www.wisebread.com/the-9-everyday-products-with-the-biggest-markups

Article Three: 8 Products With the Highest Price Markups – How to Avoid Them http://www.moneycrashers.com/products-highest-price-markups-avoid/

Article Four: 20 Products With Giant Markups http://finance.yahoo.com/news/20-products-giant-markups-115730856.html


TEST ASSIGNMENT FOR THURSDAY + FRIDAY, NOV 4th + 5th 2021 in Google Classroom


Research - What are the most famous products to ever be featured on shark tank? Worst products to ever be featured? Conduct Marketing Research to find the answer. Select FIVE PRODUCTS of your choice and answer the questions below. Your products should not be exactly like your neighbors! 

On a google document, use the 4Ps questions (in your journals) to answer the following prompts:

0- Name of your Product and the Season and Episode your Product was aired. (5 pts)
1- Up to 5 Sentences on Product Research (10 pts)
2- Up to 5 Sentences on Price Research (10 pts)
3- Up to 5 Sentences on Place Research (10 pts)
4- Up to 5 Sentences on Promotion Research (10 pts)
5- List three potential target markets for your product. (10 pts)
6- Conduct Market Segmentation (like we did for the tent product in class) for EACH of the potential target markets. (10 pts for each segment, total of 30 pts)
7- Provide information on what happened after the product aired on Shark Tank. (5 pts)
8- Were the promotional strategies an example of mass or niche marketing? Explain your answer. (5 pts)
9- Would you be in the target market for this item? Why or why not? (5 pts)


pg 18 back and page 19 front and back in your journal in Google Classroom

pg 18 back and page 19 front and back in your journal

Page 19- gets a tab called segmentation
Back of Page 18-  Segmentation Examples Printed for you (also Attached here.)
Front of Page 19- Market Segmentation Questions and Answers
Back of Page 19- Article Summaries that you Did


Turn in Halloween 4 ps Here in Google Classroom

Turn in Halloween 4 ps Here


Final Gum Project in Google Classroom

Final Gum Project

Turn in Everything Here


Turn in Commercial Here in Google Classroom

Turn in Commercial Here


pg 27 front- Marketing Mix in Google Classroom

pg 27 front- Marketing Mix

PG 27- Get a sticky note and label it .... Marketing Mix

Cut out an dplace your notes on Marketing Mix on Page 27


pg 10 - Product Mix  in Google Classroom

pg 10 - Product Mix

Please draw the attached image on the back of your PSM notes.




Discuss/brainstorm with your partners....

1- Create a name that will set you apart from the competition.
2- Who is your competition? Research what makes them so great and tell me.
3- Who is your target market?
4- How will you position yourself from your competitions to the BUY side of the brain.


pg 24 Back - Product Positioing  in Google Classroom

pg 24 Back - Product Positioing


4Ps Reading Guide in Google Classroom

4Ps Reading Guide

Please use the Marketing Principles text book to complete the assignment below....


Gum Segmentation Project Examples - Comment with your group YOUR customer profile for your gum.  in Google Classroom

Gum Segmentation Project Examples - Comment with your group YOUR customer profile for your gum.

These are general customer profile EXAMPLES. You need to create specific
profiles for your target market.

          1) KIDS (up to 12 years old) – (Generation Z)

                        Watches Trendy Cartoons

playing with friends, pizza, birthday parties

Comic Books, Harry Potter, Babysitters Club, etc


TEENAGERS (13 -19) - (Generation Z)


in recreational sports

upon Social Media

Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars

music, dancing, shopping, and spending time with friends.


            3) YOUNG ADULTS (23 to 33) - (Generation Y)

/ Career

out 3 times a week

                        Active in Social
Media: Twitter, Instagram, Vine

                        Watches Reality
Shows, i.e. Bachelorette, Bachelor, The Voice, Real Housewives

music, sporting events, reading, and going out on the weekend


            4) GENERATION X (30 to 47)

with kids

School and College graduate

Facebook and Instagram

                       Watches: Scandal, Dallas, HGTV, VH1, Reality

music, reading, board games, social events, traveling


          5) BABY BOOMERS (48 to 64)

graduates, over-achievers

with 2 kids or more

/ exercises regularly

out 3 times a week, members of the country club, loves to travel

                        Watches Mad Men, Judge Judy, Judge
Mathis, Dateline, News


            6) SENIOR ADULTS (65+)

college                                       Enjoys
traveling, playing golf, and reading

with grandchildren                Watches
the news, 60 Minutes, 20/20

occasionally                              Loves
reading the paper and cutting coupons


pg 8 back - Functions in Google Classroom

pg 8 back - Functions

Insert the Graphic Organizer given to you on Marketing Functions using tape so you can read it.


pg 26 - Niche Marketing in Google Classroom

pg 26 - Niche Marketing

Page 26: Niche Marketing -


Niche marketing is defined as a marketing strategy that is
proposed to catch moderately numbered buyers in the market. This type of
marketing includes the strategy to target a specified market which means that
the marketer is aware of the group on which he has to target for its product.
The word niche can be defined as a special area of demand for a product or a
service. For example, Wholefoods is a food store the specifically targets
organic food customers. So it is cleared that they want to target the customers
who want organic food. A specific part of consumers is targeted in this type.

A niche market could stand apart from others because of:
Geographic area
Activity or habits
Feature reduction or addition

Copy the chart at the bottom of the page for Niche Marketing.
You will need to do the "Based On" column and the Niche Marketing


pg 25 front and back - Main Marketing Strategies in Google Classroom

pg 25 front and back - Main Marketing Strategies

Post It Label: Main Marketing Strategies

Page 25 Front+ Back: Mass Marketing 
Notes:  Mass marketing is defined as a marketing strategy in which were the company tries to capture a large audience for its services. They don’t restrict themselves while marketing the product and focuses on capturing the whole customer base. the main objective behind this type of marketing is to find the supreme number of potential customers for their needs. For example, Coca-Cola is a brand that supports mass marketing, the goal of marketing is to capture a large number of users. All the consumers are targeted for this marketing irrespective of the marketing factors.

A number of techniques are used by mass marketers to appeal to the largest audience possible. The shotgun approach, which attempts to reach the audience with advertising on traditional mass media such as television, radio, and the internet, has been widely used and is likely the most familiar technique Advertisements utilizing the shotgun approach present a non-exclusive message that appeals to a broad range of customers. 

Guerrilla marketing is another commonly used tactic in mass market strategies. This strategy aims to produce advertisements that capture the attention of a large market with exciting and memorable messages while engaging consumers in a positive way.

Copy the chart at the bottom of the page for Mass Marketing. You will need to do the "Based On" column and the Mass Marketing Column.

Then read this article: https://www.shapironegotiations.com/market-segmentation-vs-mass-marketing/
and comment a pro and con of mass marketing in your journal.


Working With Utility in Google Classroom

Working With Utility

Read the following article: https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/career-development/marketing-utility
and answer the following questions on page 17 of your journal. Write the Q and the A!

1- What is one of the primary methods marketing teams use to connect with customers?
2- What does utility-driven marketing help marketers decide?
3- In marketing, what does utility refer to?
4- What does a good marketing utility strategy help identify?
5- How do businesses use marketing utility on a product level?
6- What is a value proposition?
7- List and explain the 4 benefits of good utility marketing for businesses.
8- What are the main types of marketing utility?
9- What are the examples for each of the utility listed in the article?
10- Tell me two things you learned from the article.


HOW ITS MADE in Google Classroom



Watch as many videos that you want,  for THREE products and tell me about it below. (3-5 sentences)


pg 14 Back in Google Classroom

pg 14 Back

print/glue or draw the attached promotional aspects to the back of page 14


page 14 front  in Google Classroom

page 14 front

Add the following to your notes on page 14:

A promotion mix is a set of different marketing approaches that marketers develop to optimize promotional efforts and reach a broader audience. The marketer’s task is to find the right promotion mix for a particular brand.

Then read the article, and find real-world examples of each of the 5 promotional activities already in your notes. Write down examples in your notes. We will review these in our notes.


pg 9 back  in Google Classroom

pg 9 back

Read the article where the attached graphic comes from. Draw/Print the Marketing Research Process and put in your journal on the back of page 9.


T-Shirt Contest in Google Classroom

T-Shirt Contest

Due today via a Google Doc


Marketing Research (aka MIM) in Google Classroom

Marketing Research (aka MIM)


Watch the YouTube video above. Describe what you see in the video and how it pertains to marketing. We will discuss.


PSM in Google Classroom


With a partner, design a sweatshirt based on the information provided in class. 

1- View product samples.
2- Choose 3 colors.
3- Design a 1 color or 2 color design.
4- Discuss quantity based on parameters provided in class.
5- Email to autumn.roberts@glynn.k12.ga.us


FUNCTIONS Google Slide Presentation  in Google Classroom

FUNCTIONS Google Slide Presentation

Turn in Here


Pg 10 back -  in Google Classroom

Pg 10 back -

Product Planning aka Product Service Management

Add Notes: 
The first phase in product/service management is the generation of ideas, where people develop new ideas for potential products. Next, the idea must pass through a screening process by higher up managers to decide whether it is realistic for the company, before tested with the customers to attain market research with their reactions towards it. Afterwards, a feasibility analysis takes place to determine whether it can be a benefit to the company's success. Once it is approved, the product undergoes the development process. Then it is introduced to the customers in physical form to test it again. If all goes well, then it is taken to commercialization to become mass produced.


pg 11 back  in Google Classroom

pg 11 back

Insert the attached image into your journal. Write:

"The cheaper it is to make a product, the longer the distribution channel."
Examples : Shampoo has a long channel. An airplane has a short channel.


pg 1 back -  in Google Classroom

pg 1 back -

What is Marketing?
It helps connect businesses to their customers 
It provides a means for exchange 
It means to TELL or CONNECT with others .... or your potential customers
All business functions involved in developing, promoting, and distributing products in order to satisfy customers’ needs and wants.


pg 9 through 15 -  7 Functions  in Google Classroom

pg 9 through 15 - 7 Functions

Use the powerpoint attached to create notes in your journal.

Front of page 8: Draw the graphic organizer on slide 7
Pge 9: Slide 8 - MIM or Marketing Research
Pge 10: Slide 9 - Product Planning or PSM
Pge 11: Slide 10 - Distribution
Pge 12:  Slide 11 - Financing 
Pge 13: Slide 12 + 13 - Pricing
Pge 14: Slide 14 - Promotion
Pge 15: Slide 15 - Selling


Page 3 Front - Listening Skills in Google Classroom

Page 3 Front - Listening Skills

Draw the attached GO in your notes.


Pg 6  Front - Details about Markets in Google Classroom

Pg 6 Front - Details about Markets

On page 6 of your journal, write the following learning target. Then draw the attached graphic organizer underneath.

I can explain how consumer and business transactions are connected to market segmentation and market share.


pg 2 - WHO YOU KNOW in Google Classroom


Fold your Classmates sheet hamburger style after completing in class. On the front write the quote- "It's not what you know, it's who you know."


Pg 1 Front in Google Classroom

Pg 1 Front

Title Your Page --> THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX 

Draw the image below



Inside Cover of Journal in Google Classroom

Inside Cover of Journal

Envelope glued in Backwards


Pg 7 back - Market Examples in Google Classroom

Pg 7 back - Market Examples

Glue in the Sally Consumer examples sheet.


page 5 front - Tax Problems Examples in Google Classroom

page 5 front - Tax Problems Examples

Notes for completing tax problems for Goods and Services here. (If you don't have them in this place, it is ok. Go ahead and mark it complete!)


Pg 3 Back  in Google Classroom

Pg 3 Back

The MARKETING CONCEPT states that it is the purpose of a business to satisfy the NEEDS and WANTs of customers while making a PROFIT!


Pg 4 front and back - Goods and Services in Google Classroom

Pg 4 front and back - Goods and Services

I can explain the difference between producers, consumers, goods and services. 

Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6B2wUpJPTu0
Take the notes on the screen of the video on page 4 of your journal.


pg 5 front + back - goods and services examples in Google Classroom

pg 5 front + back - goods and services examples

You should have inserted your graphic organizers here for Goods Services and Ideas


Philanthropic Businesses in Google Classroom

Philanthropic Businesses

Learning Target: I can research business opportunities that give back to the community.

Check out this link: http://fortune.com/2017/02/09/best-workplaces-giving-back/
Complete your worksheet that asks you to summarize 25 of the best workplaces for giving back to the community.


pg 24 in self-assessment in Google Classroom

pg 24 in self-assessment

Glue in your entrepreneurship self assessment hamburger style


pg 7 front - Organizational Buyers vs Consumers in Google Classroom

pg 7 front - Organizational Buyers vs Consumers

Learning Target: I can understand the difference between organizational and consumer transactions.

If you have ever purchased an ice cream cone, rented a movie or taken a taxi across town, then you’ve completed a consumer transaction. An act like buying a lottery ticket might not actually net any kind of reward, but it still falls in the same category. These transactions are an integral part of an economy. People need products and services, and businesses do their part to fill consumer needs. Consumer transactions serve the purpose of providing people with the products and services they need or want. 

ECommerce is an emerging form of consumer transactions. Beginning in the late 1990s with such pioneers as eBay and Amazon.com, the Internet became a means for consumers to conduct business with companies. By utilizing the Internet, customers are able to find virtually any type of product they need or want. These transactions can be made at any hour of the day and provide consumers with the greatest amount of convenience.

Organizational transactions are financial actions that affect the resources of a company. These can be within the business or business-to-business transactions, business-to-consumer transactions or business-to-government transactions.

Business to business, or B2B, transactions can take place between for-profit organizations or nonprofit organizations. Types of common B2B transactions are buy and sell agreements, commercial leases, sales contracts, real estate transactions and franchise agreements.


pg 6 back - Customer Profile Notes in Google Classroom

pg 6 back - Customer Profile Notes

Identifying Target Markets

A target market is a particular group of people of which your product is aimed. 
Figure this out before product is made
You should have more than one group of people
Customer, consumer, buyer - all the same thing 
Consumer profiles are helpful to make sure you create the right product. How did the consumer profile influence your t-shirt design?

The consumer profile influences my t-shirt design because it’s something trendy, appealing, and involves their college.Why is identifying your Consumer Profile important to becoming an entrepreneur?
Identifying my consumer profile is important to becoming an entrepreneur because it provides a clear picture of the type of people/ business you are planning to serve.


pg 22 - Pros and Cons of Entrepreneurship  in Google Classroom

pg 22 - Pros and Cons of Entrepreneurship

On page 22 of your journal.... write the pros on one side, and the cons on the other.


Lesson 3 and 4 Screenshots in Google Classroom

Lesson 3 and 4 Screenshots

Turn in a screenshot of Lesson 3 and 4 quiz grades in Everfi.com here!


T Shirt Creations for 2 Markets (Handout Given in Class) in Google Classroom

T Shirt Creations for 2 Markets (Handout Given in Class)


Finishing Everfi in Google Classroom

Finishing Everfi

Complete Lessons (Modules) 3 and 4 in Everfi. There are NO notes…. Only quiz grades!


pg 20 + 21 front and back - Entrepreneurship in Google Classroom

pg 20 + 21 front and back - Entrepreneurship

Label the sticky note given to you - "Entrepreneurship" and put it in your journals.

Learning Targets:
I can define and discuss the characteristics required of a successful entrepreneur.
Go to the following web page: https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/finding-a-job/entrepreneur-characteristics

There are 15 characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. On page 20 +21 of your journal write down each characteristic from the website, define it according to the website, give an example according to the website and DRAW an illustration for each word beside the information.


Stream Review Part 2 in Google Classroom

Stream Review Part 2

Due Today
-I have reviewed Streams from 9/7 until 9/10 and completed all work/info for my journal.


Stream Review Part A in Google Classroom

Stream Review Part A

-I have reviewed Streams from 8/30 until 9/2 and completed all work/info for my journal.


Welcome Back in Google Classroom

Welcome Back

Students will be re-entering class after a two week distance learning experience. Today, I will check in with each student, and as a class, we will review work completed over the last two weeks using Google Classroom as a guide.

All Learning Targets for the last two weeks will be discussed. Students will be allowed make-up time in class and peer/teacher assistance. 

As a summarizer, we will get our Google Classroom caught up and identify missing assignments. Teacher will update the gradebook in class as needed.

Type your name below to show that you read this. Questions? Add them after your name.


Famous Entrepreneurship Scavenger Hunt in Google Classroom

Famous Entrepreneurship Scavenger Hunt

1- Use the links below to read about current successful entrepreneurs. 
2- Pick 5 of them. (At least one woman and at least one person of color.)
3- Create a Google Slides presentation that includes two photos of the person (5 pts), three interesting facts about the person (5 pts), their net worth (5 pts), and a fun trivia question about them for the class (5 pts). 

This is due tomorrow. 





Module Two: Entrepreneurship and You in Google Classroom

Module Two: Entrepreneurship and You

Using a Google Doc, answer the following questions from Module Two: Entrepreneurship and You. Turn in here. Answers will be graded for correctness. (If you have already finished the module, feel free to relook at it to make sure that your answers are correct!)

What is an entrepreneur?
What does entrepreneurial mean?

2.       What
is economics?

As the world’s population grows, what happens to
the demand for entrepreneurs?

Explain the difference between entrepreneurs and
What is a risk?
What is a business plan?

7.       What are assets?

How often do you revise your
business plan?

How does having a business plan relate to risk? 

10.    Discuss the pros and cons of entrepreneurship. (You need at least 3 on each side.)
11.    Who is your entrepreneurial match? Do you agree or disagree with this answer. 
12.    List three characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.
13.    While being an entrepreneur can be the right career choice for many, some may not feel
that starting a business is for them. What is the best reason to study entrepreneurship?
14.    What is the main difference between a personal characteristic and a skill?
15.    What role do entrepreneurs play in economics?


Module Two: Quiz in Google Classroom

Module Two: Quiz

Take the Quiz for module two, being careful to make sure that you mark the correct answers. Your grade will be recorded in the gradebook. You may retake it as many times as you want by the end of the day today. Comment your final grade below.


Module One: Building a Budget and Saving Startup Capital
 in Google Classroom

Module One: Building a Budget and Saving Startup Capital

Using a Google Doc, answer the following questions from Module One: Building a Budget and
Saving Startup Capital. Turn in here. Answers will be graded for correctness. (If you have already finished the module, feel free to relook at it to make sure that your answers are correct!)

•1. List an example of a service and a

•2. Mrs. Roberts purchases diapers from
Target, who buys them in bulk from Huggies. Who is the supplier? Purchaser?

•3. What is your greatest tangible asset? Explain your reasoning. 
•4. When is a budget considered to be balanced?
•5. What happens if you spend money on things you want before the things you need?


Quiz in Google Classroom



QUIZ THIS THURSDAY in Google Classroom


What is the quiz over?

Your Reading Guide
All Streams
Sheets from your Folder


Fixed Expenses v Variable Expenses in Google Classroom

Fixed Expenses v Variable Expenses

List 10 fixed and 10 variable expenses for a business. Submit via Google Doc.

Movie Theater, Hair Dresser, Bicycle Repair Shop, Car Wash, Coffee Shop, Waffle House, Gas Station, Water Park, Restaurant, etc


Vocabulary in your Journal  in Google Classroom

Vocabulary in your Journal

Today we will make a tab to go on a certain page in your journal to begin our vocabulary creation. Watch the video below to see how you can make your own tab using a post-it. It doesn't matter how you make your tab, just that you do it.

Mark this complete when you make your tab.


Starting Your Own Business.... the math behind the madness in Google Classroom

Starting Your Own Business.... the math behind the madness

This assignment will follow our vocabulary introduction on the stream. You will attempt the problems on your own and then we will discuss/work out as a class. It is a good idea to show your work. You can use a JamBoard if needed.


Turn in Your JamBoard Here in Google Classroom

Turn in Your JamBoard Here

Please submit JamBoard


1.2 Reading Guide Answer Key in Google Classroom

1.2 Reading Guide Answer Key

The Importance of Marketing (pg 12 – pg 15):

How does marketing affect the economy? Marketing
generates competition which, increases demand, creates new and improved
products, and lowers prices.

What does competition force businesses to do? Competition
forces businesses to be efficient and responsive to customers with new products
and lower prices.

TRUE: In a competitive marketplace, businesses try to create new or
improved products at lower prices than their competitors.

How does a
marketplace result in the creation of new and improved products? Businesses are forced to come up with new ideas and products
so that consumers come to them to satisfy their needs and wants.

TRUE: Marketing activities increase demand, which helps to lower prices.

Explain what happens to the cost of a product when demand is high using
fixed costs in your answer.

When demand is
high, manufacturers can produce items at a larger quantity. This reduces the
unit cost per item. They can be sold for more profit, but at a lower cost.

List the three economic benefits of marketing. THIS

What is utility? The attributes of goods or
services that make customers happy and fills needs and wants.

Describe how form utility is not explicitly related to marketing. Form utility is not directly related to marketing because in
marketing, you don’t make the products.

10.  Create a graphic organizer
that highlights the five forms of utility in MS Word. Define each of them and
list an example in relationship to marketing. THIS IS

In a business to business transaction, the seller offers the buyer a 2%
discount for paying a bill early. If the buyer takes advantage of this offer,
how much would be discounted on a $12,000 invoice? $240
($12000 x .98 = $11,760.)


TAX Problems - Show your work on your own sheet of paper.  in Google Classroom

TAX Problems - Show your work on your own sheet of paper.

1.      You purchase a set of headphones from Amazon.com. They are taxed at 7% and cost $19.99. Shipping is $3.49. How much
did you pay for the headphones total?

2.      Your family buys you a truck for graduation. It is custom made and is being delivered from Miami. The truck costs $42,999.00
and has a delivery fee of $250.00. Automobile sales in Florida are taxed at 8%.
What is the total cost of the truck?

3.      You order a jacket offline for $129.99. Thejacket is taxed at 7% and costs 5.99 to ship. What is your total cost of the purchase?

4.      You get a haircut and it cost $25. You alsopurchase a comb at the price of $4.99. Goods are taxed at 8%. What is your
total cost for your purchase?


Standard 3 Reading Guide and Preview in Google Classroom

Standard 3 Reading Guide and Preview

Grab a textbook off the cart at the front of the classroom. Take out a sheet of paper and something to write with. Follow this reading guide, the page numbers listed, and read/answer the questions. This will be a handwritten assignment. 

You must answer each question using a complete sentence.


Goal Sheet in Google Classroom

Goal Sheet

I have completed the Goal Sheet handout and turned it in to the correct class tray.


QUIZ - 5 People in the Classroom in Google Classroom

QUIZ - 5 People in the Classroom

Under the people tab, complete your its not what you know, but who you know sheet with all of your classmates names.


Google Drive in Google Classroom

Google Drive

If I have a smartphone, I have downloaded Google Drive as an app to use for classroom success.


TIK TOK INTRO VIDEO in Google Classroom


1- Name
2- But I go by......
3- Where You are From
4- Fun Fact #1  (Outside of the Box)
5- Fun Fact #2 (Outside of the Box)

MUSIC: If the song needs a clean version..... it's not the best choice for a professional introduction. (10 points)


Pretest: Professional Email in Google Classroom

Pretest: Professional Email

Written Communication is a big part of employability skills. Please send me an email (from your school account) that summarizes what you told others about yourself in your Tik Tok Video today. This is a pretest for sending a professional email. Once you send, print a copy of the email and turn it in to the tray.

My Email: autumn.roberts@glynn.k12.ga.us


About Me Sheet in Google Classroom

About Me Sheet

I have completed the About Me Sheet given to me by ARob and turned it in to the appropriate tray.


Folder Cover in Google Classroom

Folder Cover

Please turn in your cover folder here.