Business & Tech Daily Agenda

Business & Tech Daily Agenda


BMA-BT-5 (Human Resources), BMA-BT-1 (Employability: Demonstrate employability skills required in business and industry)

Learning Target:

I CAN understand entrepreneurship.

Success Criteria:

  1. I can understand entrepreneurship. 

  2. I can take notes on the 6 types of entrepreneur ventures.

  3. I can trace the advantages and disadvantages of being an entrepreneur. 

  4. I can research local small businesses. 

  5. I can create a flyer promoting local small businesses.

Instructional Strategies:

Terror Ten - Google Classroom (NEW DOCUMENT)

Opening (I do): Notes - Entrepreneurship

We Do: Class discussion on Local Small Businesses.

You Do: Pick 3 local small businesses and research. Use the information to create a promotional flyer.

Closing (We Check): Local Small Business promotional flyer.

Differentiation Strategies:

Collaborative groups 



(We Check)

Local Small Business promotional flyer.


Local Small Business Research
Local Small Business Flyer

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