Business & Tech Daily Agenda

Business & Tech Daily Agenda


BMA-BT-1 (Employability), BMA-BT-4 (Spreadsheet Software)

Learning Target:

I WILL create a spreadsheet of nutrition facts and car research on Excel. 

Success Criteria:

  1. I can use the internet to research fast food nutrition. 

  2. I can enter simple data into a spreadsheet.

  3. I can use the simple calculations.

  4. I can format a chart in Excel with my favorite cars. 

Instructional Strategies:

Activator: Go to Nitro Type and race 3 times.  Write down your results of each race (WPM and Accuracy)


If money were no factor, what car would you buy?  Explain what makes this your favorite car and why would it be your #1 choice. 

You Do

  1. Complete Fast Food Fun (ALL 3 Parts - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

  2. My Favorite Car project

Closing (We Check): Fast Food Fun (turn in on Google Classroom)

Differentiation Strategies:

iCEV - Excel Self paced modules



  1. Fast Food Fun

  2. iCEV Self-paced modules

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