ASL 1 (Blocks 3 & 4)

ASL 1 (Blocks 3 & 4)

SN 3.3 Communicating with the Face 


ASL1.IP1 Students exchange simple information in the target language, utilizing cultural references where appropriate. Students will: 

A. Produce gestures, handshapes, movements, facial expressions and pantomime. (e.g., marked and unmarked handshapes, emotions). 

J. Use sequenced information meaningfully (e.g., telling time, days of the week, months, seasons, expressive fingerspelling, numbers 0 -100). 

ASL1.IP2 Students demonstrate skills necessary to sustain exchanges in the target language. Students will: 

B. Demonstrates SLPI Novice + to Survival or ASLPI Level 1 to 2 proficiency. 

Learning Target(s) related to the standard(s)

  • I can communicate through eye contact with others

  • I can use facial expressions, head nods, and head shakes to confirm or negate

Success Criteria

I know I’ve got it when I can use nods and headshakes to tell someone yes or no.

I know I’ve got it when I can use only my face and head movements to communicate a message to someone. 

Introduction/Connection/Direct Instruction

That Deaf Guy comic- “Not so Haunted House”

  • Why didn’t this haunted house get the desired results?

  • How could you design a  haunted house that’s Deaf friendly? Give examples.

Let’s see a real Deaf haunted house: (video):

Guided Practice

Collaborative Practice

Independent Practice

Communicating with the Face (3.3):

Vocabulary to know: Hide, search, find, summon 

Hot & Cold game


Pair stronger signers with those needing more support. Implement accommodations per IEPs and 504 plans. Small group/individualized feedback from teacher.

Assessment Uses/Strategies



Teacher’s observations of student engagement/participation, Direct feedback of signing skills, Reteach if necessary; advanced students have opportunities to extend their skills through community based learning opportunities at Deaf socials.


Recap & Review- What did we learn today?

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