Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Homework: Review Notes


(I Do)



Analyze factors that affect the choice of credit, the cost of credit, and the legal aspects of using credit.

Learning Target(s) related to the standard(s)


  • I can identify the advantages and disadvantages of using credit cards.
  • I can identify the factors that affect my credit score.
  • I can identify the best ways to build, improve, and maintain a good credit score.
  • I can monitor my credit for fraudulent activity.


Success Criteria

  • I can understand the impact that interest on debt has on my future.
  • I can understand and explain the impact credit score has on my financial success
  • I can monitor my credit for fraudulent activity.

Introduction/Connection/Direct Instruction

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  • Daily 10  – see overhead projector, prepare to share/discuss
  • All about credit and credit cards
  • Credit score notes

Work Period

(We Do, You Do)

Guided Practice

Collaborative Practice

Indepdendent Practice

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  • Calculating interest on debt 
  • The Hidden Cost of Credit
  • Credit card shopping spree!
  • Credit score and home loan rate project


  • Individual and small group work
  • Collaborative pairs
  • Printed handouts where needed

Formative/Summative Assessments

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Assessment Uses/Strategies


  • Students will have an ongoing assessment to check for Employability Skills.
  • Students will take an exam to assess their knowledge of credit


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•             TOTD

Schoolwide Instructional Focus

Literacy (Reading and Writing)

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Every Monday and Wednesday I require my students to read and business or finance related current event. They then write a short summary and opinion on the article and share with the class.




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