ASL 3 (1st block)

ASL 3 (1st block)

October 2021
ASL 3:
Textbook: Master ASL: Level One
Unit 3: Getting To Know You

Standards Addressed
ASL1.IP1 Students exchange simple information in the target language, utilizing cultural references where appropriate. Students will:
A. Produce gestures, handshapes, movements, facial expressions and pantomime. (e.g., marked and unmarked handshapes, emotions).
ASL1.IP2 Students demonstrate skills necessary to sustain exchanges in the target language.
Students will:
A.Initiate, participate in, and close a brief exchange (e.g., turn taking and dialogue).

Learning Targets & Success Criteria:
I know I've got it when I can…
Maintain a signed conversation on familiar topics
Sign sentences in conversations using Topic-Comment structure
Include signed numbers in conversations
Explain how ASL name signs are made
Use possessives and deixis appropriately
Discuss my favorites in conversations

Class announcements- Reminders, Assignment due dates
Daily 10 (Varies daily- video clips/ASL comics/Deaf art- discussion)

Direct Instruction: See Google Classroom Folder for October 2021:
Refer to Google slides, videos & Master ASL textbook for assignments/activities.

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