ASL 1 (Blocks 3 & 4)

ASL 1 (Blocks 3 & 4)

Signing Naturally Unit 3

Lesson 6: Giving basic directions around the school

Lesson 7: Ordinal Numbers

Lesson 8: Cardinal Numbers 30-66

Standards Addressed

ASL1.IP1 Students exchange simple information in the target language, utilizing cultural references where appropriate. Students will: 

A. Produce gestures, handshapes, movements, facial expressions and pantomime. (e.g., marked and unmarked handshapes, emotions). 

G. Give simple descriptions (e.g., introduction to size and shape specifiers, classifiers, adjectives). 

H. Follow and give simple directions (e.g., use of space, far/near, left/right). 

I. Ask questions and provide responses based suggested topics (e.g., yes/no and wh- questions). 

J. Use sequenced information meaningfully (e.g., telling time, days of the week, months, seasons, expressive fingerspelling, numbers 0 -100). 

ASL1.IP2 Students demonstrate skills necessary to sustain exchanges in the target language. Students will: 

A. Initiate, participate in, and close a brief exchange (e.g., turn taking and dialogue). 

B. Demonstrates SLPI Novice + to Survival or ASLPI Level 1 to 2 proficiency. 

ASL1.INT1 Students demonstrate an understanding of the target language through a variety of media and based on topics such as self, family, school, etc. Students will: 

C. Understand simple instructions, such as classroom procedures. 

D. Demonstrate SLPI Novice+ to Survival and ASLPI Level 1 to 2 proficiency receptive skills. 

Learning Targets


  • Using ASL, I will give directions to locations around the school campus.

  • I will raise brows when naming locations before asking where.

  • I will raise brows when naming the starting point (classroom).

  • I will use real world orientation when locating a place.

  • I will use ordinal numbers to indicate which one (floor, door, etc).

  • I will follow direction structure for locations on the same floor, different floor, or another building.


  • I can use ordinal numbers in signed conversations.


  • I can produce the correct handshapes and movements for cardinal numbers 30-66.

Introduction & Connection

Daily 10 Activities: Deaf News Articles Q & A, SN Review (HW) activities (DVD questions)


Pair newer signers with more experienced signers. Allow signers who really seem to “get it” to assist peers as needed. Follow IEP accommodations as specified.


Daily practice activities- Pair & Share, In class demonstrations/observations,

Friday: Quiz over Weekly lesson topics (receptive/knowledge-based)

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