10-29-21 Lesson Plans for Algbebra II

10-29-21 Lesson Plans for Algbebra II

Standards Addressed

MGSE9-12.F.IF.7d Graph rational functions, identifying zeros and asymptotes when

suitable factorizations are available, and showing end behavior.

MGSE9-12.F.IF.7 Graph functions expressed algebraically and show key features of

the graph both by hand and by using technology.

Learning Targets/Success Criteria                       

I can solve problems involving rational equations by:

-graphing rational equations

-identifying the asymptote of a rational equation



Daily 10

Direct Instruction/Guided Practice  

Discuss Graphing Rational Functions and asymptotes

IXL 01 with a grade of 70 or better

Complete Solving Rational Equation Worksheet


Monitoring students throughout the lesson as some students will work individually and some will work with partners.  Some 


students will work ahead on additional assignments or enrichment activities.

Summarize/Check for Understanding

Teacher questioning for understanding/clarification.Guided practice will be checked for accuracy and corrections will be made.


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