Business & Tech Daily Agenda

Business & Tech Daily Agenda


BMA-BT-4 (Spreadsheet Software)

Learning Target:

I CAN explain the fundamental parts of the screen for MS Excel. 

Success Criteria:

  1. I can understand why MS Excel is used in business.

  2. I can enter simple data into a spreadsheets.

  3. I can use simple formulas to perform calculations. 

  4. I can define the terms used in Excel. 

Instructional Strategies:

Journal (Warm-up): 

Watch the video

What is Excel? How would you rate your ability on using Excel?  Explain some reasons why people/students use Excel.

Opening (I do): Introduction to MS Excel

We Do:    Navigating through MS Excel

You Do: Excel Screen & Terms (on Quizlet)

Closing (We Check): Excel Screen & Terms (on Quizlet)

Differentiation Strategies:

Collaborative Pairs 



(We Check)

Excel Screen & Terms (on Quizlet)

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