Business & Tech Daily Agenda

Business & Tech Daily Agenda


BMA-BT-4 (Spreadsheet Software)

Learning Target:

I CAN explain the fundamentals of MS Excel. 

Success Criteria:

  1. I can explain the "order of 3".

  2. I can explain how to add a chart to Excel.

  3. I can enter simple data into a spreadsheets.

  4. I can use simple formulas to perform calculations. 

  5. I can define the terms used in Excel. 

Instructional Strategies:

Journal (Warm-up): 

Explain how to use simple formulas to perform calculations and how to create simple graphs in Excel.  WHat has been the most difficult thing to do in Excel?

Opening (I do): Introduction to MS Excel

We Do:    Go to quizlet and practice the parts of the Excel Screen.

  • Favorite Cars

You Do: Open the spreadsheet you started yesterday (multiplication table) and complete 1-10 tabs (if you haven't already).  

My Image File 

Closing (We Check): 

Differentiation Strategies:

Applied Education Systems - Excel Self paced modules



(We Check)

1-10 Multiplication table


Excel Screen & Terms (on Quizlet)

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