2020-2021 Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Information

AP Registration and Payment for 2020-2021:


  1. For the 2020-2021 school year, the College Board is waiving the $40 cancellation or unused exam(s) fee.  Due to this, all students enrolled in an AP course have been registered to take their corresponding AP Exams.
  2. Due to the waived cancellation fee, we will not be requiring a deposit and instead will ask students to pay for their exam(s) in full by Feb 19, 2021.  No money will be collected for any qualifying free exam (see chart above).
  3. Students may pay for their AP Exam(s) with exact cash or check (made payable to Glynn Academy) anytime until Friday, February 19th, 2021.  See Mrs. Meyer in room 1112 (Science Building Administration Offices).
  4. Any student that has not paid for their exam(s) by February 19th, 2021, is opting to not sit for their exam and the student’s exam order will be cancelled.
See attached flyer for more information.

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