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1st Block - Google Meet at 8:20 AM - 9:05 (SK1)

Google Meet Link - https://meet.google.com/lookup/ftutfu6poo

There are a few changes within Edgenuity. You need to be on to be inform about Classroom Expectations and Procedures. 

Class begins Tuesday, August 10.  I will host a Google Meet for orientation and to answer questions at the beginning of 3rd and 4th Blocks.  Third block starts at 11:40, please login to Google Meet at 11:50 am and type the name Atkinson-Williams. Fourth Block starts at 2:00 pm, please login to Google Meet at 2:10 pm and type the name Atkinson-Williams. 
Everyone should be login into their Edgenuity classes and start to work during the block assigned to you.  If you have any questions, or any issues, please email me to my school email.  When you do, please provide me with a telephone number I can use to call you.  Attendance will be taken.
If you have an EOC class, you must do a USA Testprep activity daily.  You will start by watching the videos.  Once you are done, you will do a practice activity.  When you score an 80 or higher in your first attempt, you will record this in your worksheet.  I will email you the worksheet you will need to do.  To login to USA Testprep:  Account id is glynnacademy.  Username is your pin#@glynn.  Password is academy.  I will check these periodically.  
If you are doing any of the course within Edgenuity that has an EOC, like Algebra I, American Lit, Biology, US History, and Algebra 1, please do USATESTPREP Daily in your subject area as a warm up. Please contact me for more details via my email at gwendolyn.williams@glynn.k12.ga.us
Account ID - Glynnacademy  
Username - Your Pin#@glynn
Password - academy
All Virtual Students -
When you have failed a quiz too many times and/or failed a Topic/Unit Test too many times, you MUST contact me to give you additional retakes in order to move forward.
If you have a project and you do not understand, you must contact me in order to move forward.
DO NOT JUST LOGIN AND WASTE TIME!! YOU MUST CONTACT ME at gwendolyn.williams@glynn.k12.ga.us or at 912-267-4210 x 3290