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Bus Transportation

If you have questions or concerns regarding school bus transportation, email or call 912-267-4120. If you would like bus transportation to and/or from school, please make sure your address is current in Infinite Campus and complete the School Bus Request below. We are not able to provide transportation to students who are Out of Zone or in the Walk Zone.
WebQuery Bus Route Information - helps you determine the closest bus stop, bus number and times.
Edulog Parent Portal - gives parents access to personalized information about their child including what bus their child needs to catch, where it is, and what time they will be picked up. The portal is linked with the school system's GPS tracking system.

Marty Simmons, Ed.D

Karen Hurt
Office Manager

Regina Brantley

Cal Kirby
Transportation Analyst

Shawntay Seals
Routing Specialist

Gail Stevens
Field Trips/Dispatcher