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House Bill 91

HB 91 was signed on Monday, March 30, 2015, by Governor Deal to allow students who failed the graduation test to receive a regular high school diploma.
Former Glynn County School System students who met all high school graduation requirements with the exception of passing the Georgia High School Graduation Tests, Georgia High School Writing Test or Basic Skills Tests, may petition the district board office to grant them a diploma. The diploma will be issued for the date which the student should have graduated from the respective high school.  
The Georgia High School Graduation Test was a requirement for students in the class of 1995 through the class of 2014.  The Basic Skills Test was was a graduation requirement for the class of 1985 through the class of 1994.
If you feel that you meet these qualifications and desire to petition the district for a diploma, you may download and complete the petition form, or you may pick up a form from the Glynn County Central Registration Office or Glynn Academy.  The form should be submitted to Glynn Academy Registrar, Dona Barrow, and must include a scanned image of a photo identification. There is no deadline by which a petition may be submitted. Additional information relative to HB 91 can be located by going to the FAQ document and HB91 Legislation document.  
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