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Glynn Academy

Anna Paga
U.S. History 
Armstrong University 
Middle Grades 4-8 Social Science, Science, Language Arts 
History 6-12 
Gifted Certified 
Glynn Academy
1001 Mansfield Street 
Brunswick, Georgia 31520
Phone 912-267-4210
Fax 912-267-4246
We cover standards 1-23 in U.S. History 
We divide those standards into Domains 
Domain 1- USH 1-5 
Domain 2- USH 6-10 
Domain 3- USH 11-14 
Domain 4- USH 15-19 
Domain 5- USH 20-23
To prepare for the Domain tests you should study the vocabulary, the PowerPoints and our notes, any corresponding work you did, plus click on the links below to use our class Quizlet


Google Classroom

Please check out our class Google Classroom page. There is a folder for each day which contains the tab- Today's Instructions. You can follow this to see what we are covering in class today. Any video links, USA Test Prep links, or Google Classroom assignment will be found here.