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Instructor: Ms. Humphrey    Location: Room 1213

Contact information: school phone: 267-4210



Website: Access from school webpage.


Course Description: The Biology Georgia Standards of Excellence provide the learning objectives for this course. The teacher will act more as a facilitator, guiding the learning that is led by students. Hands-on, student-centered, and inquiry-based approaches will be the emphasis of instruction.

The course will be divided into five units based on the following central concepts: (1) Stability & Change in Populations Over Time, (2) Patterns in Living Systems, (3) Structure & Function of Molecular Genetics, (4) Patterns of Heredity & Selection, and (5) Stability & Change in Ecosystems. The units are designed to build upon prior knowledge as the student gains a deeper understanding of Biology and scientific processes.

To assess student progress through the curriculum, standards-based quizzes will be given regularly and a cumulative test will be given for each unit. Students will keep a concept notebook as a way to interact with the material. This notebook should be reviewed nightly and students should come to class with prepared to ask questions and discuss the content.


Supplies (bring every day): Mask, personal sanitizer (no strong odors, please), composition book (not spiral notebook), pencils/pens. OPTIONAL: glue stick OR tape OR stapler, scissors, colored pencils (Crayola© Twistables are the best Ü) OR  24-pack of crayons, highlighter.



A: 100 - 90      B: 89 - 80        C: 79 - 70        F: 69 – 0


Tests, Quizzes, and Unit Projects




Daily (Homework and Classwork)


*Milestone EOC or other Exam as required by county or state


*NOTICE:  Student must pass the class to receive credit for this graduation required course.



  • Before entering the room, make sure that your cell phone is turned off or silenced and is placed in your assigned slot or stored in you bag/purse, your Glynn Academy issued ID is around your neck, and your clothing meets the dress code Consequences will be assigned based on severity of dress code violation.                                       
  • Wear a mask (optional until updated by the Board of Education) and sanitize your hands as you enter the classroom. I will have a sanitizing station near the door.
  • It is important that you listen carefully to instructions and follow all lab and activity procedures.
  • Turn work in on time. Students with missing assignments may be assigned tutoring after school in order to complete and turn in assignment.
  • If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what was missed.
  • Make-up work: You are allowed one day per day of absence. If you see that this will be an issue due to an extended absence, please speak with me as soon as possible so that we can formulate a plan.
  • Make-up Quizzes, Tests and Labs: Make-ups can be completed after school. One of the three biology teachers will be available Monday-Thursday from 7:45 – 8:15 and 3:30 – 4:30 for make-ups.
  • Cheating – Consequences for cheating are addressed in the student handbook and will be enforced.
  • Text Message Reminders: I strongly encourage both students and parents to enroll.To enroll, text @frizz123 to 81010 for Ms. Humphrey Biology

Cell Phone Policy: This policy applies to all electronic devices including cell phones, Apple Watches, and iPads, listening devices, and all other electronic devices.


  • Electronic devices and/or listening devices may not be in use during class without my express and very clear permission. Cell phones/devices are to be placed in the cell phone hanger system OR stored in your bookbag, not in pockets. Students observed to be accessing their cell phone/cellular watches/listening devices will be required to turn in their phone/device until the end of the class period. 
  • A student that exhibits rudeness or a disrespectful attitude may be required to see an administrator to retrieve their device. Again, opportunities may arise for students to use their devices for technology-based lessons. The teacher will clearly instruct students as to when use of their device for instructional purposes is allowed.
  • Electronic devices may not be used to cause any disruption in the educational process or for unethical purposes. Prohibited uses include, but are not limited to, cheating on assignments and/or tests (yes, taking a picture of your work and sending it to another student is cheating, even homework), harassing or bullying others, and taking or distributing unauthorized photographs or recordings of other people.

If a student is found to be in violation of the Electronic Device Policy, the device will be taken up by the teacher, turned over and placed in a secure location by administration, and a referral may be submitted. If confiscated and given to administration, a parent or legal guardian may be required to pick up the device from an administrator.  Refusal by a student to surrender the device is not an option and administration will be called.