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Why Spanish?

Why Spanish?
  1. Spanish (el Español) is all around us!  Just look at the Spanish billboards on Gloucester Street in downtown Brunswick, or the signs at Home Depot or your doctor's office and the Health Department, and the Spanish on the side of many things you purchase (i.e. tools, games, food packaging, the sizing tag on your tee-shirt).
  2. Spanish is in conversations all around us in our wonderfully diverse community, and on prominent channels like Netflix, cable tv, Nickelodeon, and in Hollywood movie scripts. And don't forget this well-known phrase, "No comprendo," which means, "I don't understand." 
  3. And, Spanish is in your own English language!  Did you know that "coyote" is not an English word?  It's Spanish!  And "canyon"  is just a misspelled Spanish word! And "Las Vegas" and "San Francisco" and "Nevada" are not English words at all! Yep, all Spanish words!  
  4. The working world highly values employee applicants who are equipped to speak other languages. (i.e. maintenance shops, sports medicine, the medical field, the food and beverage industry, hospitality careers, and throughout Corporate America, just to name a few)
  5. Studying a foreign language increases your understanding of the English language, by learning how words and parts of speech fit together in sentences (grammar and syntax). 
  6. Studying Spanish brings you closer to understanding and appreciating the cultures of people from over 20 other Spanish-speaking countries in the world!!
  7. Spanish is just plain fun. I could list 100 more reasons to study Spanish, but I will save that for class!