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World History - Lesson Plans/Agendas

Our daily class lesson plans / agenda's can be found in two places:
 1 - on my calendar (the link is on my home page right above this link)
 2 - in our google classroom.  Have your child open our google classroom for you.  Everything that gets posted appears in a stream.  Click on the tab at the top for "Classwork".  This provides an organized view of our classroom. In the very first section you will see our daily plans.  They say "lesson" and are titled with the initial for the day of the week & the date.  Everything for the lesson is provided on that page.  If something is being used for several days, you will also find it under "Extra Info/Resources/Forms etc."  There is also a section where you can view a little video for each day, where I explain what we will be doing that day.