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Class Policies


*This policy also applies to iPods, iPads, MP3 players

Personal electronic devices may not be used in Mrs. Styron's room. Students as they enter the room should place their powered off electronic devices into the designated area. Each student will put their device in their desk number slot. The device will remain in the designated area from the beginning of class to the end of class.


Personal electronic devices may not be used to cause any disruption in the educational process or for unethical or illegal purposes. Prohibited uses include, but are not limited to, cheating on assignments and/or tests, harassing or bullying others, and taking or distributing unauthorized photographs or recordings of other people.


 If a student is found to be in violation of the Cell Phone Policy, the personal electronic device (cell phone, etc.) will be confiscated by Mrs. Styron. If confiscated, a parent or legal guardian must come to pick it up in the front office.  Refusal by a student to surrender the device is not an option. Cell phones, etc. confiscated will result in a referral.