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Glynn Academy Safety Team

We have three campus monitors.

Our campus monitors work with all students and staff to keep our campus safe by being a constant presence on campus and monitoring all activity. The campus staff use almost 250 digital surveillance monitors located across all areas of the campus, the school security fencing to limit access points, the required student and faculty ID system, as well as their personal relationships with students and staff in safeguarding our school campus.

Our campus based School Resource Officers (SROs) are: Officer Ashley Williams and Officer Joshua Bain

Glynn County School Police Mission Statement

The Glynn County School Police mission is to provide an in-house professional law enforcement agency service and presence on our school campuses and school functions. We shall vigilantly patrol on and around school property and events. We exist to deter, detect and investigate unlawful and undesired activity, while also enhancing public safety. Our ultimate goal is to maintain safe, comfortable and orderly environments within our schools for our students to learn, our faculty and staff to teach, and our staff and visitors to feel welcome.

This mission will be achieved by practicing our core values as follows:

Professionalism: Our officers will be qualified, meet all standards and be highly trained and equipped to respond appropriately to any challenge. We will network and work hand-in-hand with our outside public safety partners to achieve our mission.

Accountability: We will be held to the highest standards of ethics in our actions, both in public and private.

Courtesy: We will strive to be courteous, approachable, responsive, proactive and willing to assist the staff and public in accordance with our established policies and procedures.

Fairness: We will treat all parties with dignity and respect while we diligently enforce the law and school discipline codes without favoritism or bias.