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Señora Ingrid I. Bennett

Spanish I

B.A. in Communications- Florida International University

Currently pursuing a Master's degree in Education from Liberty University


Glynn Academy

1001 Mansfield Street

Brunswick, GA 31520

912-267-4210, ext. 3308 


Be sure to read the class expectations on my "Resource info"  pages from the navigation pane to the right.

All Students: Your password for the start of the year has been changed to your six-digit birthday. ( mmddyy ) to log-on the computer, Infinite Campus, Google Classroom, etc.  Their username is their PIN,  and their password is their 6 digit birthday then once on campus, they can CTRL-ALT-Delete, select change password, to change their password. 

For Lessons, Homework, Test calendar, Links, Handouts, Announcements, and all other Spanish class resources, students should login to their Spanish Google Classroom by going to the link under the Student tab on the Glynn Academy website because that "" part is already filled in for them. They just need to fill in their PIN, (their pin is their student id number) then type their computer password on the next screen that asks for a password. If you have an issue with this, please email me at

Also, students can download the Google Classroom app onto their phones. 



Señora Bennett's Google Classroom

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Parents and Guardians:

Parents/Guardians: If you did not receive an email at the beginning of the course “inviting” you to access your child’s Spanish class in Google Classroom, please send an email to  This is how you will be able to receive email notifications about Spanish assignments.


Important Note from Señora Bennett:


I am aware of the new "distance" paradigms we are all embracing, and I maintain a heartfelt grace towards students' current situations. We are all in this together as we learn "to continue building the airplane as we fly." Here are a few things for you to ponder:


  1. Relax about this, and know that I am totally for you, to help you and to be there for you in your learning process in the midst of this new hybrid learning journey. 
  2. Some days if you are at home, and in your Google Classroom, if there is any required handwritten work to photograph and upload from your notebook, (i.e. hand-written charts or textbook exercises or hand drawings of vocabulary, words),  you simply hit "attachment," and it says, "camera," and then submit photos of your written work. Your photographed and uploaded Google Classroom work will appear on my end as pdf's to give you feedback and encouragement, and your grade!  
  3. The lesson itself each day has things to write into your notebook, and you may have an additional prompt question at the end.
  4. For this year, we will be utilizing google classroom daily, even in face to face instruction on campus.  You will make voice recordings of your Spanish speaking exercises, using Mote, which we will download together in class on your devices or computers. You can access videos of my lessons, through the Google Classroom links. 
  5. Most importantly, if you feel frustrated,  just take a good deep breath, reach out to me, and know that I am full of grace as we navigate these waters together.  Grace grace grace.