12-8-21 Final Exam Review

12-8-21 Final Exam Review

Teacher: Coach Wakeland/Coach Johnson

Course/Subject: College Readiness


MGSE9-12-A.SSE.2: Use the structure of an expression to rewrite it in different equivalent forms.

Learning Targets: I can use order of operations to simplify expressions
Success Criteria:

I can add, subtract, multiply, divide and raise to a power in the proper order to simplify expressions

Introduction/Connection: PEMDAS
Direct Instruction:

Daily 10

Final Exam Review

Guided Practice: Students will solve given problems together.

Independent/Collaborative Practice/Differentiation: Students will be allowed to work in pairs to complete the given assignment.

Summarize: Teacher questioning, guided practice will be checked for accuracy and corrections will be made

Homework: Finish daily assignment

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