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Golden Rule Character Awards

The Golden Rule Character Awards Program is designed to have a positive influence on the character of children and youth by promoting the Golden rule Character Law, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Simply stated; "What you do to others will come back to you." Each month a Glynn Academy that represents the Golden Rule will be selected as the Katz-Whittle Golden Rule Student of the Month! Students who have been selected for this Golden Rule Law of Life Character Award display qualities such as showing respect for others, self-control, patience, and displaying honesty, kindness, compassion, generosity, cooperation, and patriotism. Each award recipient will receive an award certificate, a T-shirt, a cash award of $50, his/her name engraved on a plaque displayed in the school, a bumper sticker, a bracelet, a featured announcement on the school webpage, and an invitation to the end-of-year celebration. One of the monthly winners selected from each of the elementary, middle, and high school levels will be named as Student of the Year!


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