9-26-22 Lesson Plans for Algebra II

9-26-22 Lesson Plans for Algebra II

Standards Addressed

MGSE9-12.N.CN.1 Understand there is a complex number i such that i2 = −1, and every complex number has the form a + bi where a and b are real numbers.

MGSE9-12.N.CN.2 Use the relation i2 = –1 and the commutative, associative, and distributive properties to add, subtract, and multiply complex numbers.

MGSE9-12.N.CN.3 Find the conjugate of a complex number; use the conjugate to find the absolute value (modulus) and quotient of complex numbers.

MGSE9-12.N.CN.7 Solve quadratic equations with real coefficients that have complex solutions by (but not limited to) square roots, completing the square, and the quadratic formula.

MGSE9-12.N.CN.8 Extend polynomial identities to include factoring with complex numbers. For example, rewrite x2 + 4 as (x + 2i)(x – 2i).

MGSE9-12.A.REI.4 Solve quadratic equations in one variable.

MGSE9-12.A.REI.4b Solve quadratic equations by inspection (e.g., for x2 = 49), taking square roots, factoring, completing the square, and the quadratic formula, as appropriate to the initial form of the equation

Learning Targets/Success Criteria                       

I can solve problems involving polynomials by:

-factoring quadratics, cubics, and quartics

-solving quadratics by quadratic formula and factoring

-simplifying complex numbers



Daily 10

Direct Instruction/Guided Practice  

Unit 2 Test

Independent/Collaborative Practice/Differentiation

Monitoring students throughout the lesson as some students will work individually and some will work with partners.  Some students will work ahead on additional assignments or enrichment activities.

Summarize/Check for Understanding

Teacher questioning for understanding/clarification.

Guided practice will be checked for accuracy and corrections will be made.


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