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Social Justice/Commentary Poetry in Google Classroom

Social Justice/Commentary Poetry

I am learning about poetry with the purpose of social justice/commentary.
I can read poetry for meaning and commentary on society.I can explain my insights to the class.I can determine themes of poems that are similar.I can compare and contrast social commentary poetry from different generations.I can create a visual of a social commentary poem and explain the text to class.

1. Find a poem about a social issue.
2. The poem must be of significant length (at least 20-25 lines)
3. Have the poem approved by Ms. Pressel.

4. Complete the poetry analysis worksheet
5. Create a beautiful, eye-catching poster with the following information:
a. The text of the poem
b. Information about the author
c. Time period written and any historical information that affects meaning
d. Who is the speaker?
f. List 1 literary device and explain: simile, personification, metaphor, etc.
g. What is the purpose of the poem? What is the mood that the author creates?
h. What is the overall theme of the poem?
i. What is your favorite line and why.
Must have a visual

Must present to class