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Calculus Rap
Two of my students from 2015-2016 made this Calculus Rap!
MY AP - College Board Site This is where you find your progress checks for AP classes and where you sign up for AP exams.
Chegg Tutors With Chegg Tutors, students can get instant access to thousands of online tutors the moment they need a hand. Once matched with the perfect tutor,they can jump right into a lesson in their live lesson space.
Albert IO Albert IO has 383 free practice questions for AP Calculus. The AP Calculus exam questions and detailed explanations pinpoint exactly why an answer choice is wrong or right.
Patrick's Calculus Video Notes Patrick goes through most of the topics we cover and offers a variety of video lessons through you tube. Very helpful!
College Board AP Website This is the College Board Website for AP; You can find exam dates, test prep and other resources for students
Bright Storm Video Lessons This is a website that offers video lessons from teachers on all subjects! CALCULUS INCLUDED! This site now has a subscription fee of $29.99 a month. You can access their you tube station for free still. Check it out too!
Paul's Online Math Notes This website offers a Lamar University professor's class notes for Calculus One and Two
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