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Welcome to

American Sign Language 1

with Mrs. Baker

Fall 2021

Glynn Academy

Purpose of this course:

Language and communication are the essence of all that is human. Learning American Sign Language will provide students with an opportunity to communicate with the deaf community, to develop an appreciation of the diversity of our society, and to develop a deeper understanding of their own language and culture.


Mrs. Baker's Contact info:

912-267-4210, Ext. 3156


Course resources: What do I need for this class?

3-ring binder or folder (for handouts), pencil/pen, highlighter and a willing attitude!!



ASL Class Rules:

  1. Be on time, on task and ready to learn daily.
  2. Have all of your materials with you every day.
  3. Keep all personal electronics put away.
  4. Be responsible for your own learning.
  5. Respect the teacher, the classroom, and other students.
  6. Clean up your messes. 
  7. Sign, sign, sign!

Limited Talking Policy:

We will maintain a signing environment in the classroom for two reasons:

  • It is considered rude and insulting to talk in front of a Deaf person and not sign. When you do so, the Deaf person misses out on the conversation. Since our goal is to get to know Deaf people in the community, it is crucial that we develop the habit of signing, even when Deaf people are not present.
  • This is an immersion class, the target language is used during instructional time. Using only ASL will help you to develop both your comprehension skills and your expressive skills quickly and effectively. Talking disrupts this process and delays your language development.

But what do I do if a fellow student asks me for help?

Feel free to help by using signs you have learned or by writing back and forth focusing on classwork. In this way, I can see what is being said and can assist you if needed.



  • Daily/Homework: 30%
  • Quizzes: 25% 
  • Tests: 25%
  • Final Exam: 20%

Daily Grades: 

  • Cultural Participation Rubric: YOUR DAILY PARTICIPATION IN CLASS WILL BE MEASURED USING the Cultural participation rubric. (See documents below)



To get better at signing, you have to keep learning after class is over.

  • Review your notes.
  • Practice, practice, practice!
  • Teach your family the signs we learn in class. Teach your dog!


Watch the video links posted in Google Classroom each day for additional practice.


  • You will have a short quiz every Friday to assess what you learned during the week.
  • Once you finish a quiz, we will have "Deaf Culture Awareness" Time (or "DCA"). This is a great time to put your ASL skills to use in a fun and stress-free way. 


Projects: You will have several "projects" this semester. They will count as quiz grades.


Project 1: September: The “Handmade Alphabet” Project- Following the examples of Chuck Baird and other Deaf artists, you will choose a letter of the manual alphabet to illustrate using pictures that correlate with the alphabet letter and sign. Example: Draw a picture of the fingerspelled letter "y" holding a yo-yo. Projects will be graded via rubric for completeness, creativity, and ability to follow directions. 


Project 2: October: Deaf Culture Slides Presentation- You will research an element of Deaf culture, create a Google Slides presentation about the topic, and present this information to the class. Worth two quiz grades (1 for poster, 1 for presentation). 



  • You will be tested at the end of each of the units we study this semester.
  • We will spend an entire class block the day before each unit test to study and prepare.
  • If you pay attention in class and participate, you will do well on your tests.


Final Exam: 2 parts:

  • Comprehensive Exam: This is a receptive skills/comprehension exam covering all of the units we covered this semester. The exam will test your ability to understand what is being signed to you as well as your knowledge of the Deaf culture topics/grammar concepts learned in class.  FINAL EXAM- DECEMBER 


  • Expressive Exam: You and a partner will prepare a three-minute mini-dialogue using the vocabulary and grammar structures learned in class. You will prepare a script, practice, and video yourselves signing to each other. Your video will be uploaded to Google Classroom and graded via rubric. No late projects will be accepted.



Extra Credit Opportunities:

  • Complete ASL word search puzzles, ASL Sudoku puzzles, read a novel about/by a Deaf author and write a summary of it, attend a Deaf event (church service, silent dinner, etc), and write about your experience.



Need help? Remember, I am here for you! I will be in my classroom until at least 4:15 every afternoon (unless I have a meeting). 

Let’s have an amazing semester in ASL 1 !